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Monday, May 23, 2005
  Journal #3
 Great night at Carhops. We wuz rockin’ and
roadhousin’. I love playing there. It would be great
for it to become the place to see bandshere in
Pittsburgh. Brian is working on doing some digital
transferring for me and he uncovered a gem this week.
It is a tape of the Iron City Houserockers playing the
Decade a week before the release of “Have a Good Time
But...” so that makes it spring 1980. I have no idea
who recorded it and i don’t think i ever heard it
before, but I got to tell you it rocks. Someone
probably gave it to me and I threw it in a box 25
years ago. We are in fine form. It has a version of
Gimme Some Lovin’ . I told Art last nite that Brian
must of made a mistake because we never played that
song!!!! I guess the mistake was mine. Warp speed
versions of Red Hot and Around and Around. I can’t
even think that fast anymore. This is the ultimate
Decade tape ( fast, angry, loud, crude) Altogether
different beast than the 77 tape we unearthed last
week. Still undecided what to do with them at this
point. I think we are going to get a download store up
and running soon. Check out the site. Shel is ready to
post some cuts from “Five Alive in Spain”and “Outtakes
and Demos.” Don’t forget to come to the Songwriters in
the Round June 1 at the Hard Rock. See ya Joe G
Wednesday, May 18, 2005
  Hard Rock DVD show
 Busy weekend, Hard Rock, Devil’s and Dust in
Cleveland. Thank you Steve, Jim, and the Screw Devil
mobile taping crew. I hope we got something
good........The Hard Rock treated us royally. Thanks
Gary, Patrick, Dave, and staff. So listening to the
old stuff..... First of all most of it is pretty good.
I was listening to a tape from 1977 of the Brick Alley
Band (Art. Slim. Jimmy King, Ned E, and Gil ) at a
Wednesday ladies nite gig at the original Fat City in
Swissvale. Good stuff .. a lot of r&b.. I think we
secretly wanted to be a soul band but could never sing
“purdy” enuff to pull it off. The music got harder
and and harder as we fought our way thru the bars here
in the “Burgh”. Probably a self- survival strategy The
writing got better as it became more observational and
personal. Once I started to write about the people and
places I knew, the songs got a lot better. I put
probably the first thing we ever recorded on the
Outtake and Demo cd. It’s called Feel Good tonight and
has a Van the Man feel to it. Several recording
sessions later, the band sounded a lot tougher. It was
good to see the Ohio contingent this weekend. Carhops
on Saturday. It has a Decade-type vibe to it. “Come on
Down” JG
Monday, May 09, 2005
  Hello everyone
Journal #1

Hi everyone. I am going to try to include a journal
on the web site. If you think this is a good idea or
that it would be something that interests you , please
post on the web guestbook. On Friday night, the band
played a private party in Wheeling. Thanks to Chris F
and all his great friends for their hospitality. On
Saturday morning Joffo, Johnny , and I played PNC Park
with Rick W, Donnie I, BE & BC Taylor, Jeff Garrison,
Hermie G, Jeff Jimmerson, and Jamie Peck (the
Pittsburgh All-Stars) as part of a national disaster
readiness drill. The real disaster however struck when
,as we were finished the last song, we were requested
by the powers that be to do “one mo’ song”. I hit the
opening riff the “Dirty Water” and yea you guessed it
the sky opened up and we were drenched. “Another Rainy
Day In Pittsburgh”. Do you think it might have crossed
somebody’s mind that maybe the stage should have been
covered. Do you think maybe someone along the line
would have said, “What happens if it rains Boss?”
Saturday night at the Rhythm House was great fun.
We used the Summer’s almost here and the time is right
for dancin’ in the street approach (the old no thought
provoking songs theory). The last 2 shows there have
been great. Don’t forget the Hard Rock show on
Saturday. We would love to see you all part of the dvd
I have been working on transferring the literally
hundreds of hours of music that I have stored on tape
to digital. The first project is almost complete.
“Outtakes and Demos 1975-2005” is a 2 cd set, one with
different band lineups and the other primarily solo
acoustic. that includes many songs no one has ever
heard before. The cd booklet has some great old
pictures and some comments about the music. That’s all
for now folks. Let me know what you think.

Thanks Joe G

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