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Monday, May 23, 2005
  Journal #3
 Great night at Carhops. We wuz rockin’ and
roadhousin’. I love playing there. It would be great
for it to become the place to see bandshere in
Pittsburgh. Brian is working on doing some digital
transferring for me and he uncovered a gem this week.
It is a tape of the Iron City Houserockers playing the
Decade a week before the release of “Have a Good Time
But...” so that makes it spring 1980. I have no idea
who recorded it and i don’t think i ever heard it
before, but I got to tell you it rocks. Someone
probably gave it to me and I threw it in a box 25
years ago. We are in fine form. It has a version of
Gimme Some Lovin’ . I told Art last nite that Brian
must of made a mistake because we never played that
song!!!! I guess the mistake was mine. Warp speed
versions of Red Hot and Around and Around. I can’t
even think that fast anymore. This is the ultimate
Decade tape ( fast, angry, loud, crude) Altogether
different beast than the 77 tape we unearthed last
week. Still undecided what to do with them at this
point. I think we are going to get a download store up
and running soon. Check out the site. Shel is ready to
post some cuts from “Five Alive in Spain”and “Outtakes
and Demos.” Don’t forget to come to the Songwriters in
the Round June 1 at the Hard Rock. See ya Joe G
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