Joe's notes
Thursday, July 14, 2005
  Spainish Trip 2005
-Hello(Hola) We are back from Spain. It was quite a
trip. We played everywhere from cities to villages,
from mountains and plains, to islands and seashores. A
couple of things remained constant, The great food and
the enthusiastic Spanish audiences. Sal Trepet was our
host with the most. He arranged the tour for us and
did a great job. Thanks Sal. Jorge Otterro is our new
Houserocker in training. Jorge drove the van , played
great guitar and sang backup for both Willie Nile and
the Houserockers. His band is the Stormy Mondays.
Check them out. Willie, not the Mississippi or the
Danube, but the mother----------Nile. Great musician
storyteller writer traveling companion. We will always
have Spain Willy. Art, Joffo, Bill, and Marc were in
peak form. One show better than the next. Will try
hard to get some new product out ASAP. Running into
technical problems throughout. Glad to be home .
Missed Lee, Desi, and Johnny. Great gigs coming up!!!!
See you all soon.

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