Joe's notes
Monday, September 26, 2005
  September 2005
Hi Great job to all concerned at the PLEASE concert.
Helluva job organizing it. Thanks for having us.

The band has been playing great. It seems that each
gig, the boys play better. It’s been a great summer.
Now ,tho, it’s time to bunker down for the winter. As
everyone knows , there is a scarcity of club gigs in
this area. We have been doing some private events. The
dvd of 5Alive in Spain is at the manufacturer’s and we
are putting the finishing touchs to the artwork for
“Demos and Outakes” which will be a 30 song double cd.

( In answer to Keith’s question on the guest book) I
have been listening to a lot of different things
lately. I got into some British invasion. My friend
Gary sent me a Dave Clark 5 cd. Dave Clark was a very
smart business man who owns his recording masters ( a
rarity believe me) The greatest hits cd has been out
of circulation for years. The old hits SOUND terrific.
Great production and playing. I am also listening to a
lot of old R&B and blues including the old obscure
Pittsburgh Sound. There are a lot of great new bands
that Johnny has turned me onto: Starting Line,The
Format, Dashboard Confessional, Brand New,Taking Back
Sunday, Thursday, and Something Corporate are my
favorites so far. All the bands are great live. The
future looks good. My favorite Pittsburgh band is The
Berlin Project.

I am writing again. I got a new one called “Lake
Pontchartrain.” It’s a very pissed of song about the
New Orleans Flood. Hope to have it recorded very soon.
You guys are missing some great shows at the Hard
Rock’s Songwriters in the Round series.

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